Laser Mast Step Repair Kit

Broken Laser mast step?

With a Laser Mast Step Repair Kit from Diversified Fiberglass you don’t have to throw out your broken Laser!

Diversified Fiberglass offers high quality, long-term mast step
repair kits guaranteed to stand the test of time. In fact, with over 100 Laser mast steps and decks repaired with this method, Ted hasn’t had a single one fail.

The difference between Ted’s technique and other repair kits is that a Diversified Fiberglass repair kit sits flush with the deck, maintaining the same deck pattern as the original mast step with absolutely no loss of strength. Other mast step kits have a flimsy frame that sits up half an inch above the deck; which means more weak areas and places for leaks, not to mention a less attractive profile. Ted’s method also includes pressure testing to ensure a totally watertight seal, as well as colour and surface matching to your Laser’s deck.


Get the high quality mast step repair your Laser deserves

You can order a mast step kit from Diversified Fiberglass to install yourself, or Ted can install your new mast step to guarantee a leak-proof, strong mast step that sits flush with your deck.

mast step repair kit sitting flush with deck

Sits flush with deck  • Strong and waterproof

Gelcoat matching • Matched to deck surface


Before Repair

broken laser mast step broken laser mast step deck another broken laser mast step - Ouch!


After Repair

laser mast step repair kit installed by Diversified Fiberglass Laser mast step repair sits flush with deck


Broken Mast Step Base & Replacement







Completed Repair

Diversified Fiberglass Penetanguishene


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