Laser Mast Step Repair Kit

Broken Laser mast step? Diversified Fiberglass

With a Mast Step Repair Kit from Diversified Fiberglass you don’t have to throw out your broken Laser!

Diversified Fiberglass offers high quality long-term mast step
repair guaranteed to stand the test of time. In fact, with over 50 Laser mast steps and decks repaired in this method, Ted hasn’t had a single failure or

The difference between Ted’s technique and other repair kits is that a Diversified Fiberglass repair kit sits flush with the deck, so it maintains the same deck pattern as the original mast step with absolutely no loss of strength. Other mast step kits have a flimsy frame that sits up half an inch above the deck; which means more weak areas and places for leaks, not to mention a less attractive profile. Ted’s method also includes pressure testing to ensure a totally watertight seal, as well as colour and surface matching to your Laser’s deck.


Get the high quality mast step repair your Laser deserves

You can order a mast step kit from Diversified Fiberglass to install yourself, or Ted can install your new mast step to guarantee a leak-proof, strong mast step that sits flush with your deck.

Mast Repair Penetanguishene

Sits flush with deck  • Strong and waterproof

Gelcoat matching • Matched to deck surface


Before Repair


After Repair


Broken Mast Step Base & Replacement







Completed Repair

Diversified Fiberglass Penetanguishene